Meet your Functional Nutrition Counselors
 Michele and Kristin

We met over a decade ago in elementary school…we know what you’re thinking, elementary school…but aren’t they in their 40’s and 50’s?

Here’s our story. Kristin’s daughter was in second grade and Michele was her teacher. Over the following 8 years, Michele taught all 4 of Kristin’s children. During that time, we developed a friendship and closeness.

In 2018, we were both experiencing medical mysteries with our children. As stress increased, we realized our resiliency to ward off our own health concerns was fragile. It became clear that we needed to address our own wellness. Unbeknownst to one another, we both set out on individual health journeys that soon became one connected journey.

On our journey, we worked together as partners, supporting one another in our personal goals. Later, as partners supporting a team achieving their personal goals. But, something was still missing. While some goals were met, other aspects of our health suffered.

Enter our “ah ha” moment. We realized we were not going to be "living longer, we were going to be dying longer” if we didn't make a change. Due to the confusion of quick fix diets and the impact they had on our health and hormones, our lives were not in alignment with our desired heath, our true selves or our greater purpose. 

We sought education and understanding to fill gaps and provide the lasting change we desired. We found the abundance of health and happiness we were looking for in Functional Nutrition, a foundation rooted in the knowledge that we are all unique, all things matter and everything is connected. 

As we began syncing all aspects of health, we realized that living a life in alignment achieved true balance.

We felt called to share this knowledge with others who found themselves in similar situations…that’s when Living ALIA was born…Living A Life In Alignment.

Our promise is to embrace you where you are right now and guide you toward living YOUR life in alignment.